Thursday, March 7, 2013

A good night

It was my night off, so I hopped onto my Safari alt and checked who was online. I'd been sitting in corp looking for a good opportunity to kill something for a few days, but these people like staying docked. The CEO, and someone I had never seen before greet me. I make small talk, and start checking to see if either of them are undocked. No luck. It's getting late, but I figure I'd stick around and hope for the best. Luckily, only a few minutes later the CEO suggests running some L4 missions. I eagerly accept, and after a short wait for everyone to group up, we head in.

The CEO is a big fan of having a Logistics alt for any mission running, and he's mentioned it a few times. Sure enough, when I warp to the acceleration gate there's a Oneiros there, along with a Harbinger and a Mega. I'm flying an Arbitrator that pushes about 150 DPS, so I'm a little worried about being able to kill anything with that kind of RR (Remote Repair) from the Oneiros. I decide to wait it out. We warp into the mission and start killing ships. I get targeted fairly quickly, and need to warp to survive. I come back, only to find the Oneiros at 50k from the warp-in. I decide that it's likely the only target I can kill, and resign myself to trying to approach it covertly. He keeps range. I suspect they're still somewhat cautious of me, as less then a day ago another pilot had joined up and tried to kill some of them. She failed to get anything, but it was mentioned on comms several times as we ran through the mission. Even a few jokes about me trying the same. They tell me if I try anything they'll kill me. And pod me. The CEO remarks that I just don't seem the type, they're not worried.

We finally clear the room, and I'm about 35k off the gate. The Oneiros is still fairly far, but I hope to catch him as we get closer to the gate together. I warp my neutral RR alt to the first gate in preparation.  At about 10k, the Oneiros closes into web range. I quickly lock him, and start hitting him with everything I've got. I manage to get his shields down before they realize what's happening. My Osprey lands, for a moment they think it's that doing this. Then suddenly realization hits. The CEO begins yelling to shoot me, and his Mega locks me up and begins firing. I'm about 30k away from it, and moving slowly, his guns start hitting hard. The RR from my alt is keeping me topped off until halfway through the Oneiros's armor the Harbinger pilot finally realizes what's going on. He quickly starts firing, and my tank starts dropping. I keep at it, and the Oneiros explodes just as I hit half hull. I warp out as I'm banned from vent. The online members get over it fairly quick though, and appear to have zero intention of doing anything retaliatory. I dock up, get kicked and move on.

About half an hour later I find my next target in the Recruitment channel with an ad boldly titled 'No applications denied!'. I decided to test this, and moments later a recruiter convo'd me for an API. I sent him one, and he quickly noticed that several things, Including my kills were blocked off. I decided to try my luck, so I claimed ignorance, blamed it on a bug, and generated another key for him. I made some small talk in the meantime. A few minutes later he lets me know it's still not working, but accepts my application anyway. Nobody denied indeed.

I notice a few people in and around Dodixie, so I head there as I skim corp chat. One of the more senior members is trying to give one of the new invites a mining ship. He's a returning player that forgot how contracts work, he can't find it, and claims he got no notification. On a whim I check the corp's contracts and see a Coveter up for 0 ISK. I quickly accept; money in the bank. They ask that I return the ship, and I claim ignorance as to how contracts work to stall for time. The intended recipient mentions he's coming down to Dodixie for it, I check the map for the direction he's headed from. I quickly set up on the gate.

Jack Alltrade > zaeifor took it, lol
Jack Alltrade > zarifor that was for hayley, can you fly one?
Zarifor > Oh, Sorry
Zarifor > Umm, Nope
Jack Alltrade > Zarifor contract that back to me, ill get you one when you can fly it
Zarifor > How do I make a contract?
Jack Alltrade > top left of your screen click the eve icon button
Jack Alltrade > nvm, go to you inventory
Jack Alltrade > then to ship hanger and right click my ship
Jack Alltrade > hit view in contracts, and in the following window hit create contract
Zarifor > Alrighty, lemme fly to where it is
Zarifor > Dodixie right?
Hayley Sativa > *huge facepalm*

A few minutes later the Coveters' intended recipient jumps in flying a Prophecy. I quickly point and web him, and begin attacking. He responds fairly quickly, and to my surprise points me as well. My shields disappear. With a sudden sinking feeling I realize my RR alt is 7 jumps out. I do the first thing that comes to mind: I convo him and ask him to stop shooting.

Zarifor > Can I pay you to not kill me?
Zarifor > I'll shut my stuff off
Hayley Sativa > i stopped shooting :p
Zarifor > I did too
Hayley Sativa > i dont understand :) you attack me, then you want to pay me so  I stop ?
Hayley Sativa > lol?
Zarifor > I'M CONFUSED
Zarifor > Can you just kill me?
Zarifor > Please?
Zarifor > I want to go back to Amarr...
Hayley Sativa > ok dude
Zarifor > WAIT
Zarifor > Nevermind :s
Zarifor > I need this ship
Zarifor > How far is Amarr?
Hayley Sativa > about 16 jumps
Hayley Sativa > give or take
Zarifor > How long is that?

I start stalling for time, he notices my point is still on, but aside from a single comment, doesn't do anything. I'm worried that when I attack again he'll just jump. Then I notice he's been flying away from the gate this whole time; we're about 15k out. About a minute later my RR alt lands, and I return to work.

Hayley Sativa > ZArifor seriously, knock it off
Hayley Sativa > stop shooting me and unscramble
Hayley Sativa > you idiot
Hayley Sativa > thanks for shooting up my ship
Hayley Sativa > bastard
Jack Alltrade > did you get that contact done?
Zarifor > Sorry, No, Hayley attacked me
Hayley Sativa > are you serious ?????
Zarifor > YES
Hayley Sativa > fuck you ! you scrambled me at the gate
Zarifor > I like just started this game, Look at my character age, I can't do any of that
Hayley Sativa > uh huh ...
Zarifor > Look, I'm a little steamed, So I'm going to go get a drink and a sandwitch, let's talk this out when I get back
Hayley Sativa > omg are you serious

Management isn't sure who to believe, and hasn't kicked me yet. Here's hoping I can get some more kills before they change their mind.